Hakim Law

Angella Kronillis 

Randy Ashe, Saxophone, Vocals, 401.480.2270

Becky Bass, Vocalist, beckybassmusic@gmail.com 

Tom Colantonio, Electric Bass, bass1571@cox.net

Prof Ed Coates, Saxophone, Hammond Organ, lcswc@aol.com, 727.645.6604

Lonnie Gasperini, Organ, lonnie@organjazz.net, 


Arthur Hazard,  Baritone Sax, arthazdolly@aol.com

Dave Keller, Band Leader, Guitar, Dkeller9@myfairpoint.net, 802.229.2737


Hakim Law, Piano, vocals, hakimlaw@aol.com, 857.719.6891

​Wayne Manning, Electric Bass, Soul Unit, 508.840. 6574


Phil Pegg,Guitar, Vocals, philip_pegg@brown.edu, ​401.639.9343

Jose Thomas Santos, Piano, vocals, jose8@aol.com, 401.438.2429

Jan Schmidt, Vocals, janafirejazz@gmail.com

Clarice Smith,  Vocals, singer5000@aol.com

Gina Wesley, Dreamcatcher, Band Leader, Vocals, ginawesleydreamcatcher@gmail.com, 401.419.6480

Max Whiting, Band Leader, Bassist, max.musicmakers@gmail.com, 617.539.3951

Paul "Sweet P" Williams, Band Leader, Guitar, www.sweetpguitar.com, info@sweetpguitar.com, 401.465.0542

Dick Willner, Band leader, guitar, vocals, richard_willner@yahoo.com, 401.821.1810

Gina Wesley

Dave Keller

Max Whiting

Paul "Sweet P" Williams

Wayne Manning

Prof Ed Coates  

Randy Ashe

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Phil Pegg

Rhode Island

Rhythm & Blues

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Becky Bass

   Annual Meet & Greet

        Sunday,  October 29th  /  5 - 9 o'clock 


   Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts

                  Student Performers

             Eagle Scout Award Tribute

       The Temple  - 883 Eddy Street, Providence


                    Free - Donations Welcome

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Photo Credits:  Sylvia Whiting,

www.swhitingphotogallery.com / 617.539.3951

Dick Willner

Billy Osborne

Lonnie Gasparini

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TAPA Performance, 2015 @ the Temple 

Robert Green, Guitar, Randall Ashe, Drums,

Max Whiting, Bass

Tom Colantonio

Jan Schmidt