JOIN US   ---  2nd Annual  'Meet & Greet' 

Youth Show & Dance  

​Sunday,  November 6 -  3PM - 7PM 


Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts

TAPA Student Performers

R&B Allstar Band

 Prince Hall Masonic Lodge

883 Eddy Street, Providence, RI 


Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts

            Youth Concert Highlights

​                    November 2015 


Our Corporate Sponsors 

Rhode Island Rhythm & Blues Preservation Society Founder:   Dr. Ed "Prof" Coates

R&B Festival Allstars

   Phil Pegg All StarsPhil Pegg (guitar), Wayne Manning

        (bass), Austin Brown (drums), Angella Kronillis (vocals)

   Special Artists:  Dick Willner (guitar/vocals), Randy Ashe

        (Sax), Max Whiting (bass), Paul Williams (Guitar/vocals),

        Jan Schmidt (vocals), Billy Black (drums)


6th Annual Rhode Island

   Rhythm & Blues Heritage Month



Photos by Sylvia Whiting, Photography / 617.539.3951

Programs / Services

*  Preservation Hall Band

*  Instruments for Children

*  Oral History Project

*  Local Performer Support

*  R&B 'News of Note' Newsletter

​*  R&B Educational Programming

*  International Blues Challenge

*  Member Discounts / Events

​*  Last Chord (Recognition) 

Rhode Island

Rhythm & Blues

Preservation Society 

To preserve and promote Rhythm & Blues through activities, events, and education;

To preserve and promote the heritage, legacy, and historical connections of Rhythm & Blues music in the evolution of American popular Music;  and

To improve public awareness and acceptance of Rhythm and Blues as a musical art form.


The Rhode Island Rhythm and Blues Preservation Society (RIRBPS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2003 by Dr. Edward A. 'Prof' Coates.  An affiliated member of the National Blues Foundation, RIRBPS strives to preserve and promote Rhythm and Blues in Rhode Island, an indigenous African American tradition and one of the most identifiable and significant contributions to American Culture.  

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